Oct 20, 2012 / 1 note

Sydney Wayser

Sydney Wayser is one of those artists whose music is like a narcotic. The more you listen to her, the more addicted you get to the just glee that she gives you. That high melodic voice, sometimes layered and distorted over itself, other times floating over strums of her guitar, that percussion that pings and surges through each piece- everything about her work is filled with beauty and life. You can’t not smile listening to Wayser, it’s like no one song of hers is enough to maintain the high of listening to her.

Her recent album Bell Choir Coast is full of everything needed to satisfy that fix. As Ortved writes in a Glamour article about the new album, “Her new album, Bell Choir Coast, takes the listener out of the harsh NYC winter and into an imaginary land of warmth and sunlight. Much of that warmth comes from Wayser’s siren voice, which holds us with both a ferocity and tenderness; there’s a depth to her smoky timbre that the listener falls towards with every note. What could be indulgent, or simply twee, instead projects a complex, dark romanticism”.

The song “Come aboard” on the album is a mix of playful “oohs” and her voice harmonizing and layering over itself in a wonderful mix, “Wolf Eyes” a song full of earthy percussion and melody with her voice soaring above it, “Geographer” a mellow, drifting and echoey melody drifting us all down a collective stream- the album is this collective smorgasbord of beautiful dark songs, sugary sweet rollicking songs, and just beautiful music from Sydney Wayser. Every piece is beautiful and no matter the tone of the song, the message, it lifts you up in ways that other artists simply can’t. This French-American artist is one to watch and listen to. She is sure to come up with more and more songs to satisfy our fix, if only to sate us for a little while.


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