Oct 30, 2012 / 3 notes

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear, a Brooklyn based indie rock band is one of few non-electronic bands to be employed by Warp Records. Their combined voices echo over the strums of their guitars and the continuing throb of their percussion. It has another feeling, an ethereal feeling, like the sound is drifting over your head to some nirvana. It pulls you to it and you want to live and revel in it. Their new release “Shields” evokes their style, the type of indie music that lifts you, the type of music that scoops you up from your soul and brings you up to a sort of elevation, a sort of happiness not available otherwise. Layering harmonies, all sweet and never discordant, sweeping melodies, vocalizations, piano and guitar, use of techno elements in that peculiar combination of everything that is Grizzly Bear and making something beautiful. Making music that takes you away from the everyday. It’s the kind of music you hear in movies and commercials because it is the music that we wish our life was like the type of music we wish followed us everywhere, because it would make the gritty things, the ugly things less so.

There is hope infused somewhere in their melodies, somewhere in those harmonies, somewhere in those ‘Oh’s and that folded in hope what we as listeners need when we listen to music, whether recreationally or to deal with all that we deal with every day.


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